Wi-Fi Hotspot

Serve your customers a free Wi-Fi connection for a whole lot less

We've made offering free Wi-Fi a cost effective opportunity to attract new customers, and keep them coming back. Unlimited internet, calling and a Wi-Fi hotspot, just $98 per month:

Wi-Fi hotspot package
 per month

Unlimited internet, local calling and a Wi-Fi hotspot, just $98 per month!

Business internet and calling

  • Unlimited, secure business internet.
  • EFTPOS / fax / alarm line.
  • A Business line.
  • Voicemail, caller ID and 19 calling features.
  • Unlimited local calls
  • 10c national calls
  • 18c Land to mobile calls

Wi-Fi hotspot connection

  • Unlimited WiFi public internet.
  • Hotspot hardware.
  • Customisable "blackboard" splash page.
  • Hotspot business intelligence reporting.


How it works for your customers

When you offer your customers free web browsing with CallPlus, you're providing an easy and enjoyable online experience.

  • Your customers connect to "Free CallPlus Hotspot" via Wi-Fi
  • Your personalised "Blackboard" or generic splash page appears
  • Your customers can browse the web for free

Promote your business

You can customise your "Blackboard" splash page with your business logo, messages and inhouse promotions, or choose a generic splash page.

Attract new patrons

New customers will have no problem finding you with our CallPlus Wi-Fi finder

Gain customer insights

Gain valuable inshight with our business intelligence reporting feature and quickly see how changes to your menu or venue impact customer numbers:

  • Daily visitor reporting, including how many new or repeat customers
  • monthly hotspot visitor summary reports
  • Top 10 CallPlus Wi-Fi Hotspots visited

 Wi-Fi Brochure

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