Toll Free numbers allow your customers to call your business for free, regardless of where they are calling from. You decide where the calls are directed, so they can be handled in the most effective way for you and your customers.
Enhanced features to effectively manage your NZ Toll Free numbers*
We have a wide range of useful services to help you make the most of your toll free numbers and improve your customers' experience. You can customise where your calls go depending on the time of day and where the call is originating from. You can also allocate a percentage of calls to different destination numbers depending on your incoming call volumes. A list of features is available here.
With the online reporting tool Visibill you'll know how many customers have been calling your toll free number, when they called and where they've called from. You can then use that information to identify call trends, tailor reports and effectively manage your promotional campaigns and resources.
My Account
You can quickly and easily change the destination number of toll free calls via the My Account online portal. Management of termination numbers is switched off for businesses with Enhanced Toll Free features or International Toll Free.

Terms and Conditions

Click for the full list of NZ Toll Free: International Termination and International Toll Free Number rates. Toll Free is available on a minimum 24 month term and early termination charges apply. All pricing excludes GST. CallPlus Terms and Conditions apply. *Enhanced features are not available for 'NZ Toll Free International Termination' or 'International Toll Free'.
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