On BuyBack  plan
CallPlus BuyBack is the clever way to save money on your business mobile.

Grab your most recent business phone bill and use our clever little calculator to find out how much you could get back.


How does BuyBack work?

Simple. CallPlus will buy back any unused mobile minutes and data at the end of each month to make sure you are not paying for anything you don't use. Your unused minutes and data will show as a credit on your next monthly invoice.

Check out our new BuyBack plans+
  BuyBack 100 BuyBack 200 BuyBack 250 BuyBack 300 BuyBack 500
Monthly Cost $40 $60 $75 $90 $130
BuyBack NZ Calling Minutes * 100 200 250 300 500
NZ Text Messages 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500
BuyBack Phone Data ** 100MB 100MB 150MB 200MB 250MB
Discount off any mobile *** $300 $400 $500 $600 $700

*BuyBack minutes rate is $0.10 per minute for unused minutes. **BuyBack data rate is $0.10 per MB for unused data. ***Discount applies off CallPlus RRP. NOTE: The calculator gives an indication of the credit you could receive on your monthly bill for unused minutes and data on a selected BuyBack plan. It excludes any potential overage charges on minutes, text and data. Additional minute rate is $0.35 per minute. Additional text rate is $0.17 per text. Additional mobile data rate is $0.15 per MB. The BuyBack plan generated by the calculator is based on your calling profile.

+CallPlus Standard Terms & Conditions and Mobile Terms & Conditions apply. All pricing excludes GST and a 24 month contract applies. The BuyBack credit is applied to your next monthly invoice.
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