Business Line Features

CallPlus has a range of call management, messaging and fax
services that are designed to improve the way you manage your
day-to-day business activities.

  Monthly (excl GST)   User
Business Line      
Call Minder (Voicemail) $8.84  
Call Waiting $3.51  
Call Divert $3.51  
Remote Call Divert $2.62  
3 Way Calling $3.51  
Caller Display * $6.18  
Fax Solutions      
Fax to Email ** $20.00    
Fax Ability $3.51  
Fax Advantage $10.50  
Linking Old Numbers      
CustomerLink $20.00  
Info Answer *** $13.29  
Call Plus Bussiness Line Feature

Visibill Analyser
Providing insight
into your bill
3 Seconds Grace
No charge for calls
less than 3 seconds
(immediate hang up)
Great Service
Backed up by our NZ based
business support team

* Caller Display: 600 displays are included in the $6.18 monthly
fee, additional displays are $0.01 each.

** Fax to Email comes with its own number. It’s like having a
separate line for your fax, only delivery is to your email inbox.

*** InfoAnswer is a great way of letting your customers know
that you have changed your number, also your customers
have the option of connecting through to your new number
by dialling 0.


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