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If you make a lot of calls from your business lines, a Business Advantage plan offers you even better rates for local, national and international calling.

Local National Land To
Top 5 International
Advantage Local $59.95 included unlimited $0.08 $0.20 $0.08
Advantage National $59.95 included $0.035 unlimited $0.20 $0.08
Advantage 2 $69.95 included unlimited unlimited $0.20 $0.08
Advantage 3 $79.95 included unlimited unlimited $0.20 unlimited
Add Ons:

Land to mobile

$30 per user per month





Top 5 International Calling includes: Australia, USA, Canada, UK and Ireland.Business Advantage Plans are available on a minimum term of 24 months and a $150 early termination charge applies. Price includes business line and standard installation. Additional charges may apply for a "connection and wiring" installation. A fair use policy applies to plans with unlimited calling. All pricing excludes GST. CallPlus Terms and Conditions apply.

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