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Mobile Global Roaming

You can use your CallPlus Mobile to roam
to over 210 destinations world wide.

When travelling your phone will automatically
connect to a compatible network. We've simplified our roaming pricing so that you can choose any network and the rates will remain the same. The rate applies to both peak and off peak along with landline and mobile calls made from your CallPlus mobile. 

Please check that global roaming has been enabled on your mobile phone before leaving for your overseas destination. International Roaming helpdesk +64 9 358 4583,  CallPlus Mobile helpdesk +64 9 929 0407.

Due to the geographical nature and size of some countries, mobile roaming services can not be guaranteed in all areas. CallPlus and our roaming network partner Spark New Zealand are not responsible for the performance of our roaming partners' networks. 


          Full List of our Global Roaming Rates




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